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Achieve the perfect look for your home or business with furniture upholstery services and commercial upholstery repair from New Life Furniture Systems in Wilmington, Delaware. We provide the services you need for a better looking home or business.

Our professionals will upholster furniture pieces for your home or business. We can build a piece to match your current furniture. Our craftsmen offer superior workmanship and exceptional customer service. We will professionally repair or update any modern or antique furniture upholstery. We have access to hundreds of fabrics, including leather and vinyl.

Antique Reupholstering

Antique Reupholstering

Upholstered furniture made prior to 1890 would have used hand tied spring, horse hair and cotton to build up the seat or back underneath the upholstery. This type of furniture should be reupholstered the way it was originally intended. To retrofit foam and manmade materials or a different spring system will increase the longevity of the piece and would be money well spent. At New Life Furniture, we have the ability to reupholster pieces just as they were done originally to provide a period accurate restoration. Upholstery techniques changed over the different style and time periods and it is important to faithfully rebuild the innards as they were meant to be.

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